• Adoric-Manual-Side-Cutting-Can-Opener
  • Adoric-Manual-Side-Cutting-Can-Opener
  • Adoric-Manual-Side-Cutting-Can-Opener
  • Adoric-Manual-Side-Cutting-Can-Opener

Adoric Manual Side Cutting Can Opener with Ergonomic Smooth Edge and Soft Grips Handle - Handheld Easy Open, No Touch Food, and A Free Bottle Opener for You

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  • Premium quality: Adoric can opener is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, food safe material. Now you can enjoy a brand new high-quality opener that won't rust or break over the time. The Adoric tin cutter will last for years in your kitchen. The compact and smart design makes it a perfect fit for your kitchen drawers and cabinet. If that isn't convenient, it has extra big holes at the ends so you can easily hang it up to save space.
  • Extra Sharp Cutting Wheel: Extremely durable and heavy duty, the stainless steel blade slices through the side of the can in one touch like butter. This manual opener is designed with a very strong knife like a tooth on the wheels that grips the can tightly and stays sharp for years to come. The exceptionally sharp cutting disc cut the cans with minimal effort and pretty quickly. This kitchen gadget cuts the cans lid from the side in a smooth and clean manner without leaving jagged edges.
  • Stylish and Attractive Design: The Adoric can opener imparts the ultimate cooking experience. It has a stylish and attractive design in black and steel colors that looks great in every kitchen. This opener has an extra big and soft turning knob for easy and smooth maneuvering. The long and ergonomic anti-slip handle offers a comfortable grip for your safety while being extremely strong and thick so it will not bend or break while using. This handheld opener is light and can be carried.
  • Perfect Gift and Bonus: This side cutting safety can opener is quite simple to operate. The combination of the big knob, long ergonomic silicon handle, and sharp cutting wheel makes opening cans an effortless task, even for a senior citizen with weak hands from arthritis and wrist problems. The opener comes with an amazing FREE BONUS, a bottle opener.
  • One Year Warranty: 1-Year Money Back Guarantee. If it fails to meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund.So don’t wait any longer to buy one.

Opening a Can is So Easy!
Whether you often hurt your fingers while opening a can? The traditional can openers are always dangerous and still need much strength to open the can. Our new version can openers integrate all thoughtful designs to help you open a can quickly, safely and effortlessly.
Don’t hesitate anymore, just add them to your cart now, and enjoy the easiest way to open cans with our new jar opener.

★★How to Use★★
1.Twist the turning knob anticlockwise to make the cutting wheel fit on the edge of the can.
2. Twist the turning knob clockwise to tighten the cutting wheel and continue to twist till the cutting wheel turn a circle along the edge of a can.
3. Twist the turning knob anticlockwise to loose the can, and then the lid is opened.

Why Choose Us
No sharp edges & Safe cutting mechanism
Convenient turning knob & Comfortable handle
Even suitable for children and elders to use
Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
High quality material, solid and durable
Easy to store and carry
Free bottle opener

Warm Tips
Maybe you need practice a few more times when first use.
The opener can wash in dishwasher, but please let it fully dry and store it in dry place.

Package Included
1 x Safety Can Opener
1 x Bottle Opener