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  • Adoric-Baby-Safety-Locks

Adoric Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks Without Drilling Or Screws

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  • 【Locked Up for Baby Safety】 The kids are moving and exploring from the moment they can. With Adoric Baby Safety Locks, the little ones can’t get into the pots and pans, or other things they shouldn't, allowing you to always have peace of mind.
  • 【Easy to Install, Easy to Use】 With 3M adhesive tape, Adoric safety locks are super easy to install requiring no tools (no screws and no drilling). With the 2 magnetic keys, Adults can easily unlock the cabinet by holding the key against the place where the locks are located.
  • 【To Keep the Cabinet Unlocked】 No need the safety locks when your kids grow up? OK, Just turn off the little switch designed with each lock, then the locks will get idle, keeping the cabinet unlocked.
  • 【Not only Safety, but also Esthetic】 Adoric magnetic locks are designed to be mounted inside of the cabinet and completely concealed from everyone, making your home more aesthetically appealing than external hardware sold on the market, while also creating a safe and secure environment for your little kids!
  • 【Warranty and Service】 Backed by a Lifetime warranty. An easy replacement or full refund is available for you if you are not happy with our product. All you need to do is just let us know.

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Keep toddlers out of dangers with a simple and reliable magnetic locking system
Adoric helps you obtain peace of mind with the powerful magnetic lock kit that guarantees safeguard from curious little hands. Strong magnets designed to prevent child from opening cabinets or drawers with chemical medicines or sharp tools inside.

The lock stays shut inside of the cabinet, completely concealed from everyone – including toddlers – making your home more appealing, and children cannot disengage it until using the magnetic key. It’s undoubtedly a perfect solution for securing baby’s world.

Great Locks with little effort to install
With 3M adhesive tape, the installation for each lock takes less than three minutes, and requires no tools, eliminating the need for a handyman or even a drill. No drilling holes to damage the wood.

1. Please wipe to clean and dry up the place for installation. 
2. Follow the directions just make sure the alignment before fixing the lock to the cabinet door. 
3. Leave the 3M tape dry for 24 hours, the locks will be firmly in place and on for a year. 
4. The locks are off position when you purchase, just flip the switch back to make the locks active. 
5. You can attach the base for the magnetic key to the top corner of the refrigerator, making it very easy to grab the key and it won’t get lost.

Worry free warranty
Adoric commits to provide high quality products and stands behind them with ONE-YEAR UNCONTITIONAL WARRANTY and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, if you aren’t happy with our products, you can get replacement or full refund, so just enjoy a hassle free purchase.

stars Life savor
By Karina Hofacker on Nov 20, 2016
These adoric baby safety magnetic locks are amazing! Seriously. They come in a 6 pack of locks, so 6...
stars Perfect for new kitchens and the no-handyman types
By Missy on Nov 16, 2016
These baby locks are perfect for the parent that has no ability to use a screwdriver - none needed. ...